Dürrröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren

Delicious sausage products from Saxon Switzerland

Our selection comprises more than 150 types of raw, cooked and pre-boiled sausage products - from original Saxon to delicious innovations, from internationally-inspired varieties to genuinely hand-made products. To help you better orient yourself in our wide assortment, we have divided them into four themes for you - you can also ask our staff about specific offers in these areas:

The Dürrröhrsdorfer themes

"Vital & delicious"

Balanced enjoyment!

The products in this category are light, nutritious and delicious. For an active lifestyle, attention is paid to low-fat composition. This means you can enjoy these foods guilt-free at any time! Try our Lachsschinken (smoked, rolled ham fillet), our chicken in aspic or our tender turkey.

Vital and delicious throughout the day!

"From around the world"

The flavours of the world!

We present a variety of international meat and sausage products, inspired by European and exotic delicacies. Our specialities with subtle seasoning and unusual ingredients will make your dishes an unforgettable experience. What about Italian tomato mozzarella bratwurst, our popular Balaton salami or Mexican tortillas?

Go on holiday in your own home!

"Genuine home-made'"

For those who like it hearty!

Our 'genuine home-made' products are characterised by traditional regional recipes, our closely-guarded family secrets. Back in the days, Dürrröhrsdorfer's senior partner, Christian Ehrentraut, used to go himself to the in-house butcheries in the villages. In those days, after a hard day's work, everyone feasted to their hearts' content. And today you can do that too, with the traditional offerings in this product category.

Sample our home-made Gutsleberwurst, the hearty Bauernbratwurst or baked mini-pork knuckles – simply delicious.

"Saxon delicacies"

Originally from here!

Are you looking for a typical local speciality? Then come and sample our Saxon delicacies! Original "wieners" Viennese sausages, Saxon roast pork or Stolpener country ham – all made here according to our secret house recipes. Augustus the Strong would certainly have found something here to his liking.

Flavoursome regional specialities from Saxon Switzerland – something for every occasion and always delicious!


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