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Quality regional meats from Stolpener Landhof - only at Dürrröhrsdorfer!

Stolpener Landhof

With our regional quality programme, we have spent many years dedicated to fostering local economic activity – from raw materials to the sale of high quality meat and sausage products, from here in the region to our loyal customers. In 2015, we began a close partnership with Stolpener Landhof, ensuring our supply of quality regional meat. In the same neighbourhood as our production facilities in Dürrröhrsdorf! This close proximity means we can transparently oversee and continuously develop all of our quality criteria.

More information at: www.stolpener-landhof.de

Quality regional meats programme

Our quality regional meats programme stands for the regional sourcing of meat, for production in Saxon Switzerland, where we have been situated for over 100 years, for sales here in the region, for cooperation and collaboration with regional partners and for the support of the locally resident people, clubs, organisations and institutions. We are available on site for the needs of our customers, partners and employees.

As early as 2007, general manager Ralph Ehrentraut initiated collaboration with and investment in regional poultry farmers. The goal was, among other things, to have a direct influence on the quality and origin of the animals and to retain the added value within the region.

Regional supply chains, our tradition of master craftsmanship and our attention to detail - these are things you can simply taste. Allow us to demonstrate Saxon quality. On these pages, we would like to give you a little more insight into our philosophy, and show you where the meat for our products comes from, which premises we adhere to, and the ways we choose to invest in our community.

Put a piece of Saxony on your plate!

Regional philosophy

We pay special attention to the regional origin and the quality of the raw materials for our products. We regularly visit and oversee our suppliers and demand QA certification to ensure quality. In as far as the capacity of local butchers and suppliers goes, we source our meat from within the region, directly from Saxon farmers. We prioritise local suppliers wherever possible and would like to expand these supplier relationships further. We currently source the majority of our pork, goose and rabbit meat from agricultural enterprises in Saxony! Our long-term goal is to source 100% of our raw materials directly in Saxony.

With the Stolpener Landhof farm, we now also have a partner on location in Saxon Switzerland, exclusively supplying us with high quality beef, e.g., Galloway beef, produced right here in our neighbourhood. These close partnerships ensure freshness, quality and regional economic relationships.

Dürrröhrsdorfer wants to strengthen the region through its local commitment, and relies on regional partnerships and customer relationships – we are available locally for the needs of our customers, employees and partners!

We also rely on short distances between suppliers, production and customers. We continue to invest in our location in Dürrröhrsdorf in the heart of Saxon Switzerland. This means secure local jobs. It's good for all of us!

The benefits to you

  • Outstanding meat quality

  • Fostering regional economic activity

  • Preservation of rural structures

  • Reducing the impact on the environment with short transport distances

  • Respect for animal welfare, high health status of the animals, controlled use of medication

  • Transparency and traceability


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