Dürrröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren

The culinary diversity from Dürrröhrsdorf

Discover our flavoursome and varied product range and prepare delicious dishes for your family, friends and festivities with Dürrröhrsdorfer products. Lean and light, internationally-inspired, traditionally hearty or genuine Saxon – there's something for everyone!

Perhaps it really has to do with the distinctive landscape of Saxon Switzerland, but the people here have always had a special flair for the best flavours. So it's no wonder that our products always convince even the most demanding connoisseur.

Follow us on our culinary journey throughout the year – you're sure to find your favourite.

Your meat experts

With more than 100 years of experience in meat processing, recipes passed down through generations, and a committed and innovative team, our comprehensive expertise in the area of meats has a strong foundation.

Sausage products


Our selection comprises more than 150 types of raw, cooked and pre-boiled sausage products - from original Saxon to delicious innovations, from internationally-inspired varieties to genuinely hand-made products.

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Quality regional meats

Ich bin ein echter Sachse

Put a piece of Saxony on your plate! We pay special attention to the regional origin and the quality of the raw materials for our products.

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First Class

Our first-class programme offers you the finest pieces and cuts of meat – including unusual or bespoke cuts. The meat is also available aged, at various levels of maturity.

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Painstakingly prepared: we provide a variety of finished products, lovingly hand-made with the greatest attention to detail - also for hotels and restaurants.

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Direct at our stores - Dürrröhrsdorfer specialty dishes for small or large appetites - also available to take away!

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Gifts to indulge in: something for every taste. We also have special seasonal gift ideas available.

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