Dürrröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren

Head office and production

Our head office and production site are situated in Dürrröhrsdorf in the beautiful region of Saxon Switzerland. Few other regions offer quite such a natural flair and individual charm. And the people here are also very passionate and cheerful.

The first mention of a butchery in Dürrröhrsdorf dates back to 1912. In the 1950s, the site was taken over by the Bautzen Konsum cooperative. In 1960, Christian Ehrentraut began his career in the butchery trade. Already at this time the company continued to invest in the business (e.g., in 1958, with the construction of the first cold storage warehouse), and the quality was recognised even outside of the region. The cooperative subsequently occupied, for example, the first place in the regional sausage quality comparison.

Once our family had taken ownership of the business in the 1990s, it quickly became clear that, for long-term success, we would have to take some more risks and invest in the company. By 1995, the application to operate and establish a meat and sausage factory was submitted. Two years later, in 1997, the new production facilities, constructed according to the latest EC guidelines, were able to commence operation. This was an essential step in integrating the most modern technological processes and effective quality assurance with our traditional products, hand-crafted according to family recipes.

As part of that process, one thing is always a priority for us: ensuring customer satisfaction by means of excellent flavours, daily freshness and the certified high quality of our regional meat and sausage products. The positive response and increasing demand continued to grow with the next generation takeover of the family business in 2001 by Ralph Ehrentraut. That's why we converted and expanded the production area in 2010, to create optimal production conditions. As a last step in this process, in 2012, the newly constructed storage and logistics building with an integrated kitchen area was opened. These investments were funded under the 'Improvement of the regional economic structure' Common Task programme by the European Union.

With our certified production methods, comprehensive quality management and, since 2016, certified energy management, we are in a position to guarantee all the requirements for the transparent and safe production of our foods - so that you can simply enjoy them!

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