Dürrröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren

Family business with a tradition

Perhaps it has to do with the unique characteristics of the landscape, but the people of the Saxon Switzerland region in the German state of Saxony have always been known for their particular sense of good taste. So it’s no wonder that our products – traditionally handmade by master craftsmen – always satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur.

Dürrröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH was newly established in 1992, emerging from the former Konsum cooperative. But the history of the company goes back as far as 1912. Our long-standing dedication to the region, our love for our profession, and decades of experience mean that our company always delivers the best of local products from Saxony. This is also demonstrated by our numerous honours and awards for consistently high quality.

As a family company, recently handed on to the next generation, we also pride ourselves on being an important and reliable partner to our employees, customers and to our region. This is where we get involved, and this is where we want to enhance your quality of life. Our home is here!

Family & philosophy

Familie Ehrentraut

The Ehrentraut family is a family of butchers through and through. Over many years, we have cultivated a regional business that we can be truly proud of. The name Ehrentraut is made up of the words 'honour' and 'trust'. After the political transformation of Germany at the beginning of the 1990s, our senior partner Christian Ehrentraut lived up to his name. Putting his trust in the former Konsum cooperative, he took it over under his own steam. The beginning was not easy. The company buildings were dilapidated and new technology needed to be acquired. Since that time, a lot of passion and commitment on the part of us and our employees – as well as investment and risk-taking – have flowed into the business.

And it has paid off. Today we can call ourselves the largest specialist for meat and sausage products in Saxon Switzerland. In keeping with the tradition of master craftsmen and with many old family recipes, we work hard every day to ensure quality, freshness and, of course, the best flavours for our regional products.

Ralph Ehrentraut is now leading the next generation in the butcher tradition. He too has devoted himself body and soul to Dührrrohrsdorfer. Having grown up here, learned the butchery trade and having later been promoted to general manager of his parents' business, today he guides the destiny of our family business with a competent and innovative yet still traditional hand. Our modern, safe production processes are in harmony with the hand-crafted tradition that has been passed down through the generations. That's how we in Saxony produce our flavoursome meat and sausage products for the true connoisseur!

Christian und Ralph Ehrentraut

General manager Ralph Ehrentraut (right) with father Christian Ehrentraut

Dürrröhrsdorfer - great taste for connoisseurs and true craftsmanship from Saxon Switzerland!!

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