Dürrröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren

Dürrröhrsdorfer first-class


Truly the best meat!

Our first-class programme offers you the finest pieces and cuts of meat – including unusual or bespoke cuts. We offer various meat ageing processes: depending on what is most suitable for the piece.

Our cuts for your order: Dry-aged beef

This meat, exclusively from young cattle, matures at a consistent temperature of 0 - 1°C, with 75% humidity and the correct air circulation in a specially designed maturation chamber. This slow ageing results in meat that is especially aromatic, juicy and tender. The moisture is slowly extracted, enzymes can do their work, aromas are better developed. Due to the decomposition processes that take place in the meat, it becomes extremely tender and particularly flavoursome.

One piece weighs about 16kg on the scales. It remains in the maturation chamber for at least four weeks and ripens directly on the bone. And this patience pays off: Gourmets value this extraordinary taste experience.

Also available as a self-service pack

You can also purchase our dry-aged specialities as self-service items from us or from selected trading partners.

Other specialities

We also offer you very exclusive cuts, which would be hard to find elsewhere. So, don't hesitate if you have a very specific request or would like to try something out – we will support you with advice and practical measures.