Dürrröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren

Convenient - and genuinely hand-made

Painstakingly prepared: we offer a variety of finished products, lovingly hand-made with the greatest attention to detail - also for hotels and restaurants. You will find our delicious meals in jars presented below in more detail.

Jars to go... cooked with love!

Dürrröhrsdorfer Gerichtegläser fix und fertig

Do you find pre-prepared meals practical, but don't want mass-produced food from a can? Then try our meals in jars, hand-crafted and cooked with love! We offer various tasty products for you to purchase ready-made and practically packaged.

  • Mushroom goulash

  • Marinated pot roast

  • Beef roulade

  • Ragout fin

  • Fiery meatballs

  • Wild boar goulash

  • and special seasonal offerings

Try a new level of quality with our durable meals in jars: mushroom goulash, for example, with its unmistakable flavour, traceable back to a masterfully hand-crafted tradition. Like our other offerings in jars, the goulash is ready-made and needs only to be heated.

Try out these delicious dishes – you will be delighted. Guten Appetit!